Fast delivery period, quick reaction from our after sales service…we take care of our partners

ECM designs, manufactures and assembles all our ultrasound scanners in France, on one single location. Our different services are working in constant collaboration for an excellent ability to be reactive and efficient. We master the whole production chain and thus know our products in all details. We are therefore able to answer any question you might have.
The quality control that we impose on our ultrasound systems provides high-end products…a quality recognized today by thousands of users.

A distributor network close to you

There is always a local partner close to you and capable of making most of the maintenances. In case an advanced expertise is needed, the devices are sent directly back to our Maintenance Centre, with a guaranteed return within 72 hours.

Repair guarantee within 72 hours

After your agreement we send the repaired device back or a loan device within 72 hours.

Medical : +33(0)5 45 92 03 58 –

Veterinary : +33(0)5 45 92 03 57 –


“You can rely on the ECM ultrasound scanner…you may focus on your profession.”