Pioneers in portable ultrasound technology

Inventor of portable ultrasound

Our more than 30 years of experience give you the guarantee of a reliable and sturdy product adapted to your needs.

  • Choosing a portable ultrasound scanner means saving place and obtaining mobility
  • Choosing a product that adapts to the needs and the application
  • Limiting the number of investments and earning money

With this long successful experience ECM is the world-wide leader in portable ultrasound scanners. ECM masters all levels in the development of a portable scanner, from the management of battery autonomy, over the miniaturization of electronics and the sturdiness of mechanics to the finishing of the products.

Each portable scanner in the range is perfectly adapted to the corresponding market and the needs of the users.

No matter if it is for the ultra-portable scanners or for the portable systems, ECM’s R&D team uses only the best components and therefore avoids any compromises regarding the manufacturing.

The completely digital conception of our ultrasound scanners based on the last generation of FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array) optimizes the performances, enables miniaturization and small size of the systems and very low power consumption.

We are working closely with our end-users and collaborating with several reference physicians for the development of our ultrasound scanners according to their recommendations and therefore corresponding to their needs.