Battery autonomy
and ultra-portability

Weight : 3250 g
Monitor: 8,4’’
Alphanumeric keyboard and touchpad
Quick boot-up time
High precision image
Long battery autonomy
Intuitive user interface

ExaGo, the unequalled portable ultrasound scanner


You will benefit from an excellent image quality both if you are sedentary or on the road. Exago is the ultrasound scanner that adapts to all applications. Exago is easily connected to the big range of wide-band probes. This means that one ultrasound system efficiently meets the demands of a wide range of clinical application areas.



Exago is a condensation of the latest advanced technologies adapted to the needs of the medical field. Reliable and extremely sturdy, Exago enables you to easily and quickly obtain high quality images.


Compact and ultralight-weight, Exago is the real ultra-portable scanner. The interchangeable battery gives you an unlimited autonomy. With its sturdy transport case, Exago is the perfect scanner for field work. Even when you are on the road you will get the same image quality and visualization as when you are in a traditional examination room.


Continuous update

Exago is designed to suit you for a long time. This is why we have developed the system with a possibility for updates. Thanks to these hardware and software updates, the scanner will always meet the new demands of your area.


Exago stands out by its user friendliness and handiness. The interface is easy to use and really intuitive. Furthermore, many different automatic and customizable features are available. Exago lets you forget the equipment so that you can concentrate on your diagnosis.

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ExaGo is used for the following applications

System specifications

  • Technical specifications

    • Weight: 3250 grams
    • Monitor: 8,4’’
    • Alphanumeric keyboard and touchpad
    • Integrated loudspeaker
    • Interchangeable battery
    • Long autonomy
    • Intuitive user interface

  • Imaging modes

    • B, B+B
    • B+M mode
    • CFM: Colour Flow Mapping
    • PW: Pulsed Wave Doppler
    • Zoom
    • Exa Cross
    • Cineloop
    • Text and annotations
    • Protocols
    • Measurements and tables
    • Storing of clips and images

  • Storing and connectivity

    • RJ 45
    • Composite video
    • USB
    • DVI

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