Vascular examinations


Ultrasound scanning is an important part of the exploration of vascular pathologies.

The ultrasound scanners EXAGO, EXAGYNE and IMAGYNE are very well adapted to this use. With a very good B image quality and an excellent Doppler sensitivity, the ECM ultrasound systems enable you to make reliable and quick vascular examinations.

Furthermore, the measures of blood flow in Pulsed Wave Doppler are automatically made just by pressing one key. The three devices EXAGO, EXAGYNE and IMAGYNE are all equipped with specific protocol measurements and calculations for vascular examinations. The automatic and very intuitive measurement of IMT (Intima Media Thickness) is also available on all three systems. The precise presets can very easily be customized in order to be adapted to each individual user.
IMAGYNE is the complete ultrasound scanner with a very good image quality. The very big screen makes the work easier and enables a perfect visualization. The high-end functions like real triplex, Ima Clean and Ima Pulse make Imagyne a very efficient device. The complete post-processing enables you to remake both measurements and image adjustments after the patient has left. The patients can be managed by a specific and adapted software that also enables you to create integrated complete, readable and clear reports.

EXAGYNE, the portable ultrasound scanner, provides exactly the same high-end functions as IMAGYNE but concentrated in a portable compact device that works on battery. This facilitates the mobility and the possibility to use EXAGYNE in various places. The very intuitive user interface makes it easy get familiar with the device. Very easily customizable, EXAGYNE adapts itself to all users making vascular examinations.

EXAGO is the ultra-portable ultrasound scanner with a very long-lasting battery. This light-weight and ultra-mobile unit enables you to make examinations even for patients confined to their beds. EXAGO is also the perfect device for diagnostics in remote areas because of its battery and user-friendliness.

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