Vascular access


The use of ultrasound for vascular access is a largely recommended technique that gets more and more popular.

The ultrasound-guided punctures have been shown to be superior to more traditional techniques. The success rate is highly improved and the complications reduced when using ultrasound-guidance for vascular access.

With the portable ultrasound scanners EXAGO and EXAGYNE, the perfect visualization of the targeted anatomical structures enables you both to get some landmarks and to guide the procedure of vascular punctures. The high quality images and the availability of both B, CFM and PW modes make EXAGO and EXAGYNE the ideal tools for vascular approaches. EXAGO and EXAGYNE are ultra-mobile units, very light-weight and functioning on long-lasting batteries.

EXAGO, the ultra-portable scanner, weighs only 3.2 kg and boots up in 20 seconds. It provides a high quality image with an excellent contrast and both colour and pulsed wave Doppler. EXAGO works on a battery that enables you to work for more than 5 hours without any concern about electricity.

EXAGYNE, the portable ultrasound scanner, provides an excellent image quality and a very good and remarkably sensible colour Doppler and pulsed wave Doppler including real triplex. Specific and user-friendly presets are available with the possibility to easily customize these according to each user’s individual needs. The more advanced functions like Ima Level and two easily accessible types of zoom are appreciated by all users of ultrasound-guided vascular access.

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