An ultrasound scanner is an excellent tool in the work of an endocrinologist where it can really improve the diagnostic procedure.

A morphological analysis of the thyroid and a visualization of the extrathyroidal structures can be easily realized with an adequate linear probe. When using the Doppler, the vascularization if nodules and flow measurements can be made.
The ultrasound scanners EXAGO and EXAGYNE are both perfectly well adapted for a use in endocrinology. The very good image resolution, the small size of the devices and the features specifically developed for this clinical application are amongst the characteristics which are appreciated by the endocrinologists working with EXAGO and EXAGYNE.
Biopsy guides are also available for the probes.
EXAGO, the ultra-portable scanner weighs only 3.2 kg and boots up in 20 seconds. It provides a high-quality image with an excellent contrast and also both colour Doppler and Pulsed Wave. EXAGO works on battery with an excellent autonomy that enables you to work for more than 5 hours without any concern about electricity. The feature “Large Image” enables an optimized visualization in small depths. The very user-friendly thyroid volume measurement is easily accessible in the list of measurements and calculations. EXAGO also provides the Exa Cross function that enables to optimize the thyroidal tissue resolution and the contours of nodules.
EXAGYNE, the portable scanner, provides a very good image quality, an excellent Doppler with a remarkable sensibility and real triplex. Specific and user-friendly presets are available and very easily customizable in order to adapt to each individual user. The more advanced functions, like trapezoidal image with a visualization of enlarged thyroids and Ima Cross with an optimization of the thyroidal tissue resolution and the contours of nodules, are appreciated by all endocrinologists.

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