Emergency, Army


For emergency and army use, the key words for an ultrasound scanner are portability, sturdiness and speed.

With their very short boot-up time and a design specifically adapted to extreme conditions, EXAGO and EXAGYNE are high-quality scanners for any use by emergency departments, army etc. Because they are light-weight and easy to move, EXAGO and EXAGYNE are useful both for first diagnostics on site, FAST protocols and nerve blocks before an emergency transport.

EXAGO, the ultra-portable scanner weighs only 3.2 kg and boots up in 20 seconds. It provides a high-quality image with an excellent contrast and also both colour Doppler and Pulsed Wave. EXAGO works on battery with an excellent autonomy that enables you to work for more than 5 hours without any concern about electricity. EXAGO is therefore perfect for a real use in the field.
EXAGYNE, the portable scanner, provides a very good image quality, an excellent Doppler with a remarkable sensibility and real triplex. Specific and user-friendly presets are available and very easily customizable in order to adapt to each individual user. The more advanced functions like Ima Level and two easily accessible types of zoom are appreciated by all users working in under extreme circumstances like emergencies and the army.

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